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Art Talk Tuesday is a monthly conversation that invites contemporary artists to discuss their work and the issues surrounding it, followed by a moderated Q&A with Brand staff member, artist and writer Jennifer Remenchik. Art Talk Tuesday artists are selected to reflect the diversity of the art scene of the greater Los Angeles area.

Sponsored by the Brand Associates

September 19 | 7PM: Ting Ying Han - Interdisciplinary Artist


Ting Ying Han is an interdisciplinary artist, whose work delves deeply into the realms of memory, identity, and belonging. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences as an immigrant straddling two cultures, her artistic practice is a captivating exploration of the intricate tapestry of cultural identity. Utilizing a diverse range of building materials and everyday objects, Han's thought-provoking sculptural installations spark discussions around pressing social and political questions, shedding light on the evolving perception of place and space amidst the complexities of migration, urbanization, and gentrification.

Image: Ting Ying Han. Installation of Invisible Landscape, 2023.



September 5

October 3 | 7PM: Ian James - Artist & Photographer 


Ian James is an artist who primarily works in photography. Interested in the metaphysics of objects, James restages new age healing and healing device advertising and places these images in relation to one another atop laminate panels. These images indicate how a device should be placed on the body and how one should feel once the device is in use. In addition, James has been making pilgrimages to photograph pyramid architecture throughout North America and Europe as a form of late capitalist pilgrimage. The images he makes become a material substance for cast frame works, assemblages, sculptures, books, videos, a radio station, and a virtual reality environment.

Image: Ian James. Etheric Weaver: HQ OSTO AYO :: (Special infrared heating to improve hypodermis blood vessel dilation), 2020. Laminate, acrylic, pigment print, frame, panel.

October 3

November 7 | 7PM: Hayley Barker - Painter


Hayley Barker weaves the personal with the natural world into her landscape paintings. Treating the garden as an altar, she has developed a practice in which her relationship to tending her intimate landscapes is echoed in the evolution and making of her paintings. Lightly layering oil paint on linen, Barker works with subjects that are near and dear: her garden, altars around the home and studio, her childhood home’s yard, the river in Oregon she returns to every summer.


Image: Hayley Barker. Last Morning at El Centro, 2023. Oil on linen. Photo by Nik Massey.

Artist portrait above: Photo by Stephanie Noritz; courtesy of Night Gallery.

November 7

December 5 | 7PM: Ray Anthony Barrett - Visual Artist & Chef


Ray Anthony Barrett is a visual artist and chef. Since 2018, Barrett’s culinary pop-up, CINQVÉ, has been devoted to tracing the evolution of Soul Food from California to its West African origins. Barrett calls his food project Cinqué because he is Ray Anthony Barrett V but also as reference to Joseph Cinqué, the West African man who led the 1839 revolt aboard the slave ship Amistad. Barrett’s experimental film, GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN, commissioned by Active Cultures, questions the evolution of agricultural and land practices and the impact of dispossession and colonialism on foodways, tracing its roots from white settler colonialism to present day modes of capitalism and overconsumption. Barrett is particularly interested in the contradictions and tensions of American foodways as they pertain to the relationship between Black people and the land they were at once forced to inhabit and indelibly shaped. 

Image: Ray Anthony Barrett. GO, AWAY, 2021. C-type Print.

Artist portrait above: Photo by Marcus Yam, LA Times.

December 5

Brand staff member and program moderator Jennifer Remenchik is an artist and writer based in Los Angeles. Her work has been exhibited in several institutions and galleries, including No Gallery, VIVO Media Arts Centre, HILDE, basement projects, Industry Lab, and The Contemporary Austin, among others. She is a regular contributor to Hyperallergic and has written for CurateLA, BOMB Magazine, and Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles. Remenchik began Art Talk Tuesday to showcase artists who reflect the diversity of the art scene of the greater Los Angeles area.  

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