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SUMMERTIME: SUPERCOLLIDER + Students of Glendale Unified School District
March 23 - May 18, 2024

Glendale Library, Arts & Culture and Brand Library & Art Center present SUMMERTIME: SUPERCOLLIDER + Students of Glendale Unified School District curated by Marcela Vieira, in collaboration with SUPERCOLLIDER, a Los Angeles-based artist collective.


SUMMERTIME features artworks presented by SUPERCOLLIDER: Andrea Ganuza, Beatriz Toledo, Berfin Ataman, Brice Bischoff, Carolina Caycedo and David de Rozas, Edgar Fabián Frías, Isabel Beavers, Janaina Wagner, Joel Kuennen, Lauren Bon, Maurício Chades, Noara Quintana, Sofia Borges, Star Feliz, and Wallace Masuko and over fifty student artists presented by Glendale Unified School District (GUSD) representing Anderson W. Clark High School, Crescenta Valley High School, Daily High School, Glendale High School, and Herbert Hoover High School.

SUMMERTIME considers the landscape as the consequence of human production, the result of the transformation from its natural state. The topography has long been divided, fragmented, and modified according to social, economic, and aesthetic motivations. The artists in the exhibition present works with various materials and develop strange configurations, creating relationships between their works and the gallery space. SUMMERTIME forges a path that seeks to investigate the reality and possibilities of representation, using fiction as a way to imagine alternative landscapes.

The exhibition title SUMMERTIME was inspired by the song “Summertime” written by George Gershwin, in particular the recording by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Nostalgic but moody with surreal undertones, it became a guiding star for the thematic explorations in the works on view.

Listen to and download the recording of “Summertime” by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong on Freegal. Scroll to track 17 on the album. Don't have a Glendale Library, Arts & Culture library card? Sign up online.

SUMMERTIME is a collaboration between SUPERCOLLIDER, Brand Library & Art Center, and Glendale Unified School District. High school students from Glendale Unified School District contributed artworks inspired by the curatorial concept of SUMMERTIME to show in conjunction with SUPERCOLLIDER’s exhibition.

SUMMERTIME will be on view March 23 – May 18, 2024. Artists from SUPERCOLLIDER and Glendale Unified School District were present at the opening reception on Saturday, March 30, 6-9pm.

About the Curator:

Marcela Vieira is co-founder and curator of the art website aarea (, a curatorial platform founded in 2017 that commissions and exhibits artworks designed especially for the internet. aarea’s activities also extend into a public program of curatorial projects, courses, and seminars. With multidisciplinary interests, Marcela is also one of the editors of Revista Rosa and a literary translator (French-Portuguese). She is now finishing her PhD in semiotics at the University of Paris 8 in partnership with the University of São Paulo. She has been living in Los Angeles since early 2022.


SUPERCOLLIDER creates immersive science+art experiences—including (inter)nationally curated satellites for pop-ups, festivals, and research institutes—that vividly reclaim our future and explode our present. Located at the Beacon Arts Building in Los Angeles, CA, SUPERCOLLIDER is the Mothership (HQ) for sci+art+tech exhibitions in greater Los Angeles and beyond. They feature rotating exhibitions and extend curations via satellites to local and (inter)national spaces.

About Glendale Unified School District:

In Glendale Unified schools, we focus on maximizing student achievement, fostering students’ social and emotional growth, and creating a vibrant, inclusive environment where all children can learn and thrive. Glendale Unified is the third largest school district in Los Angeles County. We proudly serve 25,000 students in preschool through 12th grade and beyond. We are excelling together to provide our students with endless pathways for success!

GUSD Featured Artists: Albert Santuyo, Alexa Juanillas, Alexandra Gutierrez, Alexia Cho, Alla Muradyan, Allen Sogomonyan, Angelina Jean Naguit, Ani Thomassian, Anna Poghosyan, Arev Avedian, Cheyenne Pangilinan, Christopher Roesler, Daniel Baneham, Deklin Putnam, Eana Parsanian, Elayna Ovasapyan, Elizabeth Cho, Emma Santa Ana, Gabriela Yax, Geryl Tiu, Greg Henriquez, Hailee Yoon, Harold Alvarado, Harper Glassing, Hayk Sargsyan, Isabel Haytayan, Izabella Juarbe, Jade Marquez, Jamie Shoemaker, June Jeon, Kana Baker, Katie Li, Kyle Rivera, Leslie Cruz, Liana Hasasyan, Lily Benitez, Luciana Cerritos, Luke Meyers, Margaret Jordan, Maria Jacquez, Mariam Avetisyan, Nare Atayan, Nathan Garcia, Oscar Andrade, Paola Zuniga, Rico Galstyan, Riley Kidder, Sabrina Alexani, Sarah Rodgers, Sea’ra Zabounian, Sean Fox, Sienna Greenlaw, Stella Pennacchioli, Tara Fox, Tiabella Graves, Tsoler Nalbandian, Vivian Kim, and Yoomin Lee.

Exhibit-Related Programming:

  • Tuesday, April 23, 6-7:30pm: ARTful Conversations - The Brand Associates invites you to ARTful Conversations. This innovative program at Brand uses art as a portal for writing poetry. Everyone can write poetry, and everyone is welcome!

  • Tuesday, May 14, 7-8pm: Exhibition Panel Discussion with Curator & Artists - Join curator Marcela Vieira for a discussion with some of the SUPERCOLLIDER artists featured in SUMMERTIME, an exploration of the layered relationship between humanity and our surrounding environment.

Exhibit-Related Article:

Showcase for ‘Summertime’: Collaborative exhibition features student works alongside professional artists by Leah Schwartz (Pasadena Weekly, April 25, 2024)

Images: header images: installation views of artwork by Isabel Beavers, Janaina Wagner, and Brice Bischoff. Photos by Ian Kose; top image: Wallace V. Masuko, Summertime Adhesive.

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