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Brand from Home | October 07, 2021

GLAC Book Club for Adults

October is National Book Month! Whether you are a book lover trying to get back into reading or an avid reader looking for a new place to use your bookmark, look no further! Glendale Library Arts & Culture Book Club is a welcoming reading community that connects you with like-minded lifelong learners and gives you a platform to engage in meaningful conversations about our book club selections. The Glendale Library Arts & Culture Book Club connects through a private online forum where members can discuss the current book and network with each other. The group spends approximately two months on each book, so you have plenty of time to read. You can sign up and learn more here. The next book, the Mountains Sing, starts on October 14, 2021.


222 East Concert



Join us for eclectic live music outside on the Artsakh Paseo! Visitors are welcome to bring a chair and enjoy the music on the paseo. Seats are not provided. Performances run 60 minutes without intermission.

The 222 East Concert Series is sponsored by the City of Glendale Arts & Culture Commission through funding from the Urban Art Program, with support from Glendale Library, Arts & Culture.

Join us for the second concert of the 222 East Concert Series Saturday, October 9, 2021 at 4:00PM with MôForró. MôForró plays triangle-driven, hip-swiveling dance music in the traditional, rootsy, pé de serra style of forró. A music that was born out of the countryside of the dry Northeast, forró is now one of the most popular rhythms to come from Brazil.


Music Playlists

Listen to a streaming playlist from Freegal Music, Naxos Music Library,Naxos Jazz Music Library, Hoopla or Music Online from Alexander Street free with your library card. Alexander Street will ask for an academic institution, use Glendale Public Library.

Read About Music

We have music eBooks you can check out using your Glendale Library card. Here are a few titles.

For Hispanic/LatinX Heritage Month here are some books on Southern California musicians.

Music Films

Here are some streaming music movies on Hoopla.

Music Podcast

Aria Code is a Podcast from the Metropolitan Opera. Each episode dives into one aria — a feature for a single singer — and explores how and why these brief musical moments have imprinted themselves in our collective consciousness and what it takes to stand on the Met stage and sing them. Hosted by Rhiannon Giddens

Soothing Sounds

As part of The Littoral Relaxocean series, the Monterey Bay Aquarium has put together a wonderfully calming 12 hours of video that features the sight of adorable sleeping sea otters bobbing around in the Monterey Bay with the lulling ambient sounds of the Pacific Ocean in the background.


Draw Together for October 2021

Every October, Glendale Library, Arts & Culture encourages and celebrates the art of drawing. To kick off the month-long event, through October 9, 2021 - you can pick up a free sketchbook and pencils from any library location - while supplies last. Try participating in our daily drawing prompts to get you started.

Films Online

How does our brain help us see color? Find out in this video! Learn how our color vision works. In this visual journey, explore the physics of visible light, the structure of our eyes, and how our brain processes visual information. Then, find out more in the American Museum of Natural History exhibition The Nature of Color.

Making Waves: What Happens When We Zoom in on Art? Waves aren’t just in the ocean. Waves are a disturbance that moves through space and time, bringing energy from one place to another. Learn more from MetKids Microscope video from The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Try it at Home

In this video, British science teacher, writer, and filmmaker Alom Shaha demonstrates how to make a Balancing Bird from a cereal box, thin paper, two small coins, and some tape. This is a delightful toy you can buy, but it’s much more fun, cheaper, and better for the environment to make your own!

Online learning site Creativebug lets you learn by watching how to complete many types of embroidery stitches as well as full projects with their hand-stitching category. Each class has lessons divided up into short videos that make it easy to start, stop, and finish at your own pace.


Checkout some books on embroidery, stitching and fiber arts from the library.


Brand Library Staff Reviews

Girlfriends (1978) is a film about relationships . . . personal and professional, romantic and platonic, but centering particularly around best friends Susan and Anne (played by Melanie Mayron and Anita Skinner). Susan is a photographer who finds inspiration and stability in Anne, a writer, and the two women share an apartment in Manhattan on the Upper West Side. Susan gets a small career boost that she hopes will finally release her from boring event photography (no more weddings!), but when Susan tells Anne the good news, she finds out Anne has news of her own—she’s moving out and getting married. Susan’s momentary elation turns instantly to disappointment and grief as her life becomes mired in doubt and uncertainty. Characters and love interests drift in an out, including those played by Eli Wallach and a young Christopher Guest. Due to budgetary issues, the movie was shot over three years, so there’s growth in these character portrayals we might not get otherwise. Melanie Mayron as Susan is a joy to watch, even when she's making unkind or questionable life choices. It’s not easy to witness so many relationships change and sour in ninety minutes, but there are payoffs that eclipse the interpersonal and artistic struggles! (Available through Link+) -SB

Air: Music for Harp, Flute and Strings by Debussy/Takemitsu (Kondonassis, J. Smith, Phelps, Oberlin 21, Reischl) Recorded in 2008 and released streaming on Naxos 2021. A recital of music by Claude Debussy (1862-1918) and Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996) makes sense; Takemitsu was heavily influenced by Debussy, Messiaen and traditional Japanese music. Takemitsu’s style is still instantly recognizable and more modern than Debussy. Both Takemitsu and Debussy also wrote major pieces that include the harp which is not always the easiest instrument to write for. They also both produced wonderful pieces for the trio of flute, viola and harp. Debussy’s Danses sacrée et profane is for harp and orchestra while Takemitsu’s Umi e is for flute, harp and strings. The string orchestra is Oberlin 21, an exceptional student group from Oberlin Conservatory of Music, providing solid accompaniment for the soloists. The program almost writes itself with most of the major pieces that include flute and harp. The performances are fantastic and well recorded with a reverberant acoustic. I particularly enjoyed Joshua Smith’s expressive flute playing - he has been principal flute of the Cleveland Orchestra since 1990. Yolanda Kondonassis is a fantastic and well respected harpist that has made many recordings. One of Debussy’s chamber music masterpieces, the Sonata for flute, viola and harp ends this wonderful program. I’m just disappointed that Telarc/Naxos didn’t include the booklet. -BW


Covid-19 Resources


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