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Brand from Home | April 5, 2020

Get a free Glendale Library, Arts & Culture Library eCard instantaneously. It can be used to access our online resources including eBooks, eAudiobooks, eNewspapers, eMagazines, online classes, online tutoring, and learning games, as well as streaming movies and music, and more.


Music Playlists

Try listening to a streaming Playlist from Freegal Music, Naxos Music Library or Alexander Street free with your library card. Alexander Street will ask for an academic institution, use Glendale Public Library.

Read About Music

The Public Domain Song Anthology is a new collection of 384 popular songs that is downloadable and consists of songs in the US public domain.

Did you know that the Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive has Billboard Magazine issues back to 1894? Variety issues back to 1905? Radio and Records issues back to 1973? Musician issues back to 1982? Login with your library card!

Read current issues on RBdigital.

Learn About Music

An Introduction to Music Appreciation self-paced class is available for free via Universal Class using your library card. Sixteen one hour lessons providing 1.6 Continuing Education Units. Learn things like: How did 16th century music find its way to the top of the popularity charts in the 1980s? How did a fire bring about the first Broadway musical?


Streaming Art

Try a Fresco workshop from California Revealed on the Internet Archive. Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff share their experience working with Diego Rivera while teaching the art of fresco murals.

These 10 sections capture a course detailing the history of frescos and fresco techniques along with discussion with students. Run time 8:19:37

Art Inspiration - Try It at Home

DIY Things to do with bits of string. Here are a couple of little projects dedicated to our knitters and crocheters.

Pompoms 3 ways: You can use them as bookmarks (just make the tie strings long). Decorate a project, put one on a hat, attach to pull strings on a sweater or sweatsirt, etc. Supplies: Cardboard, scissors, fork, some yarn or string, cat optional.

Half pompom: Cut a circle out of cardboard (the size of the circle will be the size of the resulting pompom). Fold it in half and cut out the center so it has a donut shape. Lay a long piece of string or yarn across the top of the folded cardboard. Wrap the cardboard in yarn or string. Tie the center string together tightly. Cut the yarn by placing the scissors between the two layers of cardboard.

Fork pompom: Take a long string and thread it through the middle tines of the fork. Wrap the fork with yarn or string. Tie the center string together tightly. Slide the yarn ball off the fork and cut the sides of the string.

Full pompom: Cut two circles of the same size out of cardboard. Cut a section out like a small sliver of pie and cut the center out in a circle. Lay a long string in between the pieces of cardboard. Wrap the cardboard with yarn or string. Tie the center string together tightly. Cut the yarn by placing the scissors between the two layers of cardboard.

Make a gift for a furry friend try Selina Kyle's catnip bunny pattern on Ravelry (all things knitting, all the time).


Staff e-Recommendations

Jonathan Hickman's FANTASTIC FOUR (2015). Wow, this is one of those stories that I'm avoiding finishing because I don't want it to be over. I've picked at the Fantastic Four all my life and have been interested but never have I dived. This time, I did and it's one of the most intricate and rewarding reads of my life. Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic, "Stretcho," the patriarch of the FF) messes up big time with the help of several versions of himself, putting multiple universes at risk of being obliterated by angry space gods. That's just 1/16th of the things happening in this epic comic run. Action, science, magic, space, time-travel, this story will throw everything at you, but at its heart is a story about family realizing what they mean to each other. Many writers and artists have tackled the Fantastic Four but few have understood their dynamics to the level of Jonathan Hickman. -GG

Watch 66 Oscar-Nominated-and-Award-Winning Animated Shorts Online, Courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada. Start with the Danish Poet. Follow Kasper, a poet whose creative well has run dry, on a holiday to Norway to meet the famous writer, Sigrid Undset, I could use a little inspiration myself. As Kasper's quest for inspiration unfolds, a spell of bad weather, an angry dog, slippery barn planks, a careless postman, and hungry goats might play important roles in the big scheme of things after all. -EH

In 2018, musician Michael Franti, creator and vocalist of the band Michael Franti & Spearhead, took the unusual step of making himself the central focus of Hoopla's Stay Human, a self-directed documentary looking at the ways we can hold onto our humanity in the face of the most dire challenges. Essentially functioning as a dialogue with his own inner struggles, Franti approaches his musical philosophy by grappling with issues of social justice and politics, as well as more intimate human concerns. In one scene filmed in his recording studio, through evaporating tears, he picks up his guitar and sings his song, Nobody Cries Alone, while trying to process his mother's stroke and his son's difficult health diagnosis. In search of renewed optimism with fearless perseverance, he travels around the world seeking hope and inspiration from a midwife in the Philippines after the typhoon, a friend with ALS, and a man helping curb deforestation in Bali. Through it all, music acts as a distraction, a way for him to process his feelings and a means to unite the community. Surprisingly raw and affecting, Stay Human is well worth the watch! -SB


Covid-19 Resources

Reliable information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) is available from the World Health Organization, the California Department of Public Health and Los Angeles County Public Health Department.



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